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My Design Approach


A room is like a human body. It is alive and needs to be well nourished and clothed. Some rooms are well proportioned, some have flaws and others have beauty marks.

Our rooms like our bodies grow and change, as you want them to, once you understand certain fundamental elements. Certain rooms are allergic to a particular kind of treatment; each one will have to speak to you personally.


It is essential that you  look at the naked room first. Just as our bodies have some imperfections, few of us live in perfect rooms. We have to make the proportions pleasing, bring in more light, play up the good points and play down the awkwardness. A little make-up or exercise always makes us look or feel better! Focus on the following ten room elements, each of which perform a different function but are all connected and work together.

Walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, lighting, fabric, color, accessories, maintenance


By examining each element individually, you can see how to combine them and decisions will easily fall into place. If you choose light walls and ceiling, then perhaps, you’ll want a richer tone on your floor for contrast.
People wonder where to begin in a room – that is, which of the ten elements is most important to resolve first. Because each person sees his / her own room differently, it is best to begin with where you are and what you have. If you have a favorite piece of furniture, find a place for it and work out the rest of the floor plan around it.
As you begin to think about applying the ten design and structural elements that shape your rooms, remember there is a wide variety of choice within each element. A designer can help you choose a particular style of floor, window, lighting etc., keeping in mind functional and aesthetic aspects of each choice. It is equally important to decide the style and resonance you want your rooms to have else they could look confused and awkward. Create a mood for each room. It could be a rustic country, a French provincial character, a sleek contemporary look, a tranquil eastern style or a complete ethnic setting. What gives a room an individual character is to focus on a feeling you can relate to. Establishing a room’s theme will guide you into making the right selections and bring the disparate together into a whole. 

Starting is half finished. The important thing is not to feel compelled to do everything all at once. Time has a way of filling empty rooms and inspiration often comes with time. Even if your house or apartment is already furnished, as you go about finding your personal decorating style, you may experience your surroundings with a raised awareness. Spaces continue to grow and change as we do. Work and rework, add, adapt, and re-arrange, until a new idea is born. You don’t have to do an entire makeover in order to bring some new creative energy and vitality into your living spaces. Little touches as you go along will bring you great results. 



Get in touch and do feel free to discuss your space with me. Mail in your concerns or queries on design, would love to hear from you. Lets build this dream of yours, together.